Melnās lentes dienas atcere - Otavā

August 28, 2017

Ben Franklin Place Ottawa

Service: “ Memorial Prayers”

Father Ihor Okhrimtchouk, Pastor of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
Father Roman Rytsar, Ukrainian Catholic Church
Rabbi Idan Scher

Community Reflections: Belarusian; Czech; Estonian; Hungarian; Latvian; Lithuanian; Polish; Jewish Community; Ukrainian

Speakers: Rick Chiarelli, City Councillor; Dr. Alexander M. Jablonski; Ludwik Klimkowski; Andris Ķesteris

Black Ribbon Day was organized in the 1980’s by members of the Central and Eastern European communities in Canada to protest the ongoing communist occupation of Central and Eastern European states. The movement spread to the United States, Europe and other countries around the world.

Photos: Uģis Lāma