Letter to Mr. Shiner re: pro-Soviet rally

May 5, 2016

It has come to my attention, that a large rally is being planned for this Sunday, May 8/16 by pro-Soviet and Russian groups. The rally signifies support for forces of totalitarianism and oppression, the reacquisition, by force, of territories lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The rally signifies support for anti-democratic forces, for those espousing hate and intolerance.

Canada is a democratic, multi-cultural nation in which the freedom of the individual, both at home and abroad is cherished and supported. The City of Toronto as a multi-cultural city also strongly supports this.

Organizations and individuals threatening democracy both at home and abroad cannot be, nor should not be supported through benign actions, such as the granting of permits for rallies and I strongly support the request to City Council to rescind the permit to the  organizers of this rally.

Respectfully yours,
Vilnis Petersons,