Black Ribbon Day 2020 in Ottawa

August 21, 2020



The communities of the Central and Eastern European Council in Canada, in Ottawa cordially invite you to a wreath laying ceremony at the National War Memorial on the Black Ribbon Day Commemoration to be held on


Sunday, August 23, 2020 at 3PM, National War Memor- ial, Confederation Square, Ottawa

Black Ribbon Day was formally adopted by Canada’s Parliament as a Cana- dian Day of Remembrance for the victims of Nazi and Communist crimes.


The Black Ribbon Commemoration recalls the signing of the infamous 1939 alliance between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. The Hitler-Stalin Pact secretly divided up Central and Eastern Europe, facilitated the invasion and occupation of Poland, Finland, the Baltic States and many other European nations, thus triggering World War II.



Alexander M. Jablonski and Louis Kovacs Black Ribbon Day 2020 Committee in Ottawa

Central and Eastern European Council in Canada


Please plan to arrive earlier. Please keep social distance and wear masks due to pandemic. The programme includes remembrance, wreath laying and a joint prayer.