Atbalsta vēstule ukraiņiem.

January 19, 2022

[INSERT MP NAME] House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6 


Dear XX


I am writing to you, my Member of Parliament, to urge you to support the involvement of the Canadian Armed forces in the protection of NATO’s Eastern flank.


My Latvian heritage gives me a unique insight into the reality of what it means to be in Moscow’s sphere of influence: the eradication of the rights and freedoms, and national identity of a sovereign people. That this continues today is shown in the actions of Russian armed forces in Ukraine, and now Kazahkstan, and Moscow’s interference in political leadership in some of its former satellites.


Additionally, cyber attacks on government sites, campaigns of disinformation, including those that accompanied the arrival of Canadian troops in Latvia, claiming that the Latvian population resisted their posting, when in fact the opposite was true, indicate the need for continued vigilance at an enhanced level. Canada’s engagement in NATO’s Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence in Riga is vital for the stability of those countries which were formerly behind the Iron Curtain.


Given President Putin’s determination to ignore rules-based diplomacy in order to further his own ends, currently, in Ukraine, it is critical that the Canadian government show unequivocal support for the people of these nations by maintaining, and as necessary, enhancing their participation in the protection of their rights, including by military means.


Once again, I urge you to support Canada’s involvement in the protection of nations who find themselves in the sights of Moscow’s ambitions.


Yours truly,

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