World Federation of Free Latvians (PBLA) Grant for Amateur Groups

February 4, 2022

We announce the call for applications for the program “Development and Artistic Strengthening of Diaspora Amateur groups (DPK)” (Support for Diaspora Amateur Groups) administered by the World Federation of Free Latvians (PBLA). The program provides financial support to selected amateur Latvian diaspora groups around the world. Groups that qualify and are chosen can receive up to the equivalent of EUR 1350.00 for the repayment expenses declared by the group.

Eligible diaspora amateur artistic groups must:

  • at the time of application have been operating for at least two years;
  • be led by a conductor, dance group leader, director or master of fine arts;
  • hold classes or rehearsals on a regular basis (except for the COVID-19 period);
  • have a certain number of regular participants (in dance groups - at least 6 pairs; in choirs - at least 15 singers; in folklore groups - at least 5 participants; in theater groups - at least 10 participants, applied art studies - at least 5 participants);
  • have participated in Latvian events in Canada, the USA or large Latvian events (for example, the Latvian Song and Dance Festival), or has organized exhibitions and events for the Latvian community.

To apply, please complete the application form below by answering the questionnaire in Latvian or English by 14 February 2021.

The LNAK Board of Directors will select the three successful groups based on the answers in the application form and according to the following criteria:

  • Activities in recent years in Latvian and Canadian society
  • Future plans / vision
  • The needs of the artistic community
  • Involvement of newcomers and youth

LNAK will announce the results to all of the applicants by 1 March 2022. Each of the selected groups will be given 3 months to identify needs and provide an invoice to PBLA by 1 June 2022. LNAK will provide assistance if necessary, in proper preparation of documents.

If you have any questions, please write to us at