LNFC Education Section head Elizabete Pētersone invites you to celebrate your child’s Latvian heritage, as Latvian schools in Canada gear up for the 2022/2023 school year.

September 13, 2022

Elitas bilde ar stikla logiem

September has arrived, and children and youth here in the northern hemisphere are back at school after the summer break. Schools in Latvia always start on September 1; in Canada, school starts after Labour Day weekend.

Latvian schools in Canada are also opening up their doors to welcome all children of Latvian heritage. It is not just so that they can learn the Latvian language, but also for them to learn more about Latvian culture and to form friendships. It is very important to us to welcome the younger generation into Latvian society. I know that it’s not easy for parents to do this on their own, and that’s where Latvian school can help. In Canada we have five elementary schools and one high school. I invite parents or grandparents to contact their local Latvian school, so that your children/grandchildren can grow up in a Latvian environment and maintain ties with their heritage.

If you don’t live close to a Latvian school, and would like to teach your children yourselves, you can access educational materials from the Latvian Language Agency (https://valoda.lv/) and from the WFFL/PBLA (World Federation of Free Latvians/Pasaules Brīvo Latviešu Apvienība) Education Council’s prepared materials (https://sietins.lv).

You can also contact me, Elita Pētersone, LNFC Education Section head (elitapetersons@sympatico.ca) I will be happy to provide help and answer any questions you have.

Here is further information about the Latvian schools in Canada:


-the Edmonton Latvian school operates every other Saturday, from 11 am to 1 pm, at our usual location, Laurier Heights Community Hall. There will also be an offsite activity or school trip during the school year
- our first day of school is September 17, when we will gather at the Fort Edmonton Park
- we prefer that children are able to function at school without the help of their parents; however we are always happy to welcome children along with their families, who would like to join our school
- we welcome children of Latvian heritage, regardless of their language skills
- for further information please contact the school’s co-ordinator Zane Vendelīna (zanegara@gmail.com) 780-293-6991

Edmontonas latviesu skola 


- the 2022/2023 school year starts on September 17, with a get-together for activities in Rev. D. Kaņeps’ backyard
- for further information, please contact the school principal Baiba Bredovskis emba.br@cogeco.ca or 905-522-7190
- for the last two years, we have held school at St. Andrew’s church’s country property “Sidrabene”, where we had a new program – the LSH Nature School. During the winter and early spring, activities and studies were conducted remotely. This fall we are returning to our usual school quarters, Christ Latvian Ev. Lutheran Church in Hamilton, where we will meet on Saturday mornings. We will also have educational field trips and nature activities.
- Since we have a number of families in the Hamilton area with very young children, who are seeking a connection to Latvian society, this year we are starting a program for the very youngest children – our “MAZUĻU” (BABY) CLASS, for babies and toddlers up to two years of age, together with their mother or father. We will also have kindergarten and lower elementary grade classes.
- We invite all children of Latvian heritage, regardless of their language abilities.

Hamiltonas latviesu skola kekatas 


- please contact Ildze Elizabete Slanke (514) 449-6712 ildze_slanke@yahoo.com
- this year school starts on Sunday, September 18, with a field trip to Mont Tremblant (at Anita Lasis’ place), starting at about 10 am. Our activities will go on longer than our usual two hours.
- we meet once a month. Our last get-together of this school year will be in May
- we welcome children from infants on
- Latvian language skills are not required

 Montrealas skola parachute


- we meet at the Latvian Miera Church, 83 Main St., Ottawa
- please contact Ingrīda Mazutis (613) 225-4949, ingridamazutis@yahoo.ca
- school starts on Sunday, September 11. Official school hours are from 15:30 to 17:00. Those who play kokle come at 15:00. Folk dancing takes place at 17:00 and is meant for the older children. We meet every Sunday.
- this year 23 children and 6 teachers have signed up. Our oldest students are 12 years old.
- grades 2 and 3 are together, grades 4 to 6 are together, and there is a grade 7.
- this year we are also going to have a program for preschoolers aged 2 to 4, together with their parents
- students who do not speak Latvian have a separate MML class (“Mēs mācāmies par Latviju”/”We are learning about Latvia”). All other classes take place in Latvian.

 Otavas skolas izlaidums 2022


- we are starting our 2022/2023 school year on Saturday, September 10 at 10am at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto
- we meet every Saturday from 8:50 until 13:30
- the last day of the school year is the last Saturday in May
- we teach the Latvian language, how to play the kokle, singing, dancing, religious studies, geography and history
- the Grade 6 students prepare a play which is performed in January as part of “Draudzīgais Aicinājums” (Latvia’s “Friendly Invitation” to support schools)
- we accept children from the ages of 3 to 14
- we have students from Toronto and surrounding cities. If you are not able to attend in person, we offer remote learning. This provides an opportunity for children from all of Canada to attend Latvian school
- more information is available on our home page https://www.torontolatviesuskola.com/ and on our Facebook page
- contact our principal Ilze Maksiņa at ilzemaksina@gmail.com or tlbsskola@gmail.com
- we accept children regardless of their Latvian language skills

 Toronto latviesu skolas sakums 2022 10 sept


- since COVID reared its head at the end of 2021, we have transitioned to remote learning
- classes take place Friday evenings
- we have students in all four high school grades
- we emphasize the Latvian language, history, and current events that affect Latvia (for example, the war in Ukraine)
- instruction happens in both Latvian and English, with teachers tailoring their approach to the students’ language abilities
- classes will resume in the latter half of September
- School director Edgars Kiršs kirss@sympatico.ca

 gimnazija slido