Latvians participate in Canada's Culture Days: Latvian Textile and Knitting Traditions (Canadian Latvian Cultural Centre in Toronto, Saturday, October 15)

October 7, 2022

Latvian Textile and Knitting Traditions

The Latvian Artisans Association of Canada has been active in Ontario since 1953. Its goal is not only to preserve folk art and national costumes brought to Canada by Latvian refugees fleeing Russian occupation of their country during the Second World War, but also to ensure future generations of Latvian-Canadians have the ability to practise these skills and techniques handed down from generation to generation. In Toronto this continues to be achieved by twice-monthly meetings where all Latvian textile techniques are taught.

These include stranded and double knitting of mittens and socks, including knitting the famous Latvian braid, also knitted beaded wrist warmers.
Weaving: on-loom and off-loom, backstrap pick-up technique and card-weaving.

Embroidery: Cross-stitch, drawn thread work and colour-work utilising a variety of stitches.

Visitors will see some of these techniques demonstrated by members dressed in folk costumes. Our guests will even have an opportunity to try the techniques.

The visit will include a guided tour of the Heritage collection, with a chance to hear our Latvian Saturday School children practise the Latvian folk instrument kokle.

Vintage Latvian textiles will be available for purchase. 

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