Latvian Stem Cell Donors Urgently Needed

January 14, 2022

Six-month-old Ārends is living with a life-threatening immune deficiency disorder and needs a stem cell, bone marrow transplant, or cord blood donation. If you are of Latvian descent, age 17 to 35, and healthy you could be the one to save his life.

Potential donors are invited to visit the Canadian Blood Services website to learn about the Stem Cell Registry, donor eligibility, how stem cell donation works, and, most importantly, how to register. Registration is easy and requires only a simple cheek swab.

Latvians living in other countries are also encouraged to register with their local blood services organizations. The transplant team in Vancouver will travel anywhere to collect your donation. Please note that eligibility to donate varies by country. The situation is particularly difficult because Latvia does not have its own stem cell registry and very few Latvians are registered elsewhere.

At the moment, 39 million people are registered worldwide. None, so far, are a match for little Ārends.

Learn more about donating at the World Marrow Donor Association website.

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