Latvian Canadians will stand with Ukraine in Mass Demonstrations to mark 365 Days of Resistance

February 18, 2023

2023 02 24 Demonstracijas 1LNAK urges you to show your support for Ukraine’s fight against russia’s barbaric invasion by participating in a demonstration on Friday, February 24. To mark 365 days of resistance, there will be protest events organized by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in at least fifteen cities across Canada.

The Toronto event will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Yonge–Dundas Square and continue with a march to City Hall. Please bring candles and Latvian flags.
Some might question what difference one person can make when there are so many enemies. The world’s reaction to this unexpected invasion of Ukraine shows that the opposite is true. Thousands of people all over the world have shown their opposition to russia’s barbaric aggression.

The unforgiveable silence of the russian diaspora is equally noteworthy. Even though they live in countries where there is a right to free speech, they have not exercised that right. Contrast that with the Iranian diaspora, which has passionately taken to the streets, to show that they have heard their brothers’ and sisters’ cries for freedom.

The world and Canada stand with Ukraine. News of every demonstration reaches the hallways of our Parliament in Ottawa. The government hears us, and they know how many Ukrainians and Ukrainian descendents cast their votes as Canadian citizens. Several generations of Ukrainians migrated to Canada, before Latvian refugees arrived at the end of World War 2. Together with other Canadian immigrants with an eastern and northern European background, we make up a significant portion of Canada’s population. In spite of this there are some who are against providing additional support to Ukraine.

One challenge is how to overcome the apathy, fear and political dogmatism that play into the hands of russia. Many Canadians view Europe as being far away from us and think that Europe’s problems are not our problems. Canada as a member of NATO is obligated to participate in Europe’s defence. Few remember that russia has aggressively declared that it wishes to take territory around the North Pole that borders with Canada.

There are people who are influenced by russia’s threats. In the last year there have been various threats made by russia – cutting off oil and gas, taking over the Chernobyl nuclear station, stopping grain exports from Ukraine and the threat of nuclear wearpon deployment. These have all remained empty threats, meant to maintain the average russian’s illusion that they live in an important nation that everyone is afraid of.

Multiple generations of Latvian refugees participated in demonstratons while Latvia was occupied. Today we are trying to stave off the occupation of Ukraine, which would create additional threats in Europe, including Latvia. Let’s unite in standing with Ukraine. Please participate, so that each of us contributes one more voice among the tens of thousands of other voices, not just in Canada and Latvia, but around the world!

In conclusion I would like to quote Minister for Foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars Rinkevičs: “War now rages in Europe. Unequivocal support for Ukraine up until its conclusive victory is a moral and political choice we had to make, considering it is the only way to achieve a lasting peace and strengthen our security.”

Please go to to find information about the February 24 demonstration in your city. If you have trouble finding the information, you can write to

Let’s meet at the demonstration(s) on February 24!

Alberts Upeslācis
LNAK Public Affairs