Latvian Archive News

January 1, 2019

2018 is a significant year in Latvian history this century: 100 years ago Latvia declared its independence in 1918; 30 years ago in Latvia, with the formation of the Latvian Popular Front began the Singing Revolution which culminated in the renewal independence on May 4, 1990. 


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Latvia, Canadian Latvian Archive and Museum (KLAM) has created a NEAPDZIEDĀTIE VAROŅI/THE UNSUNG HEROES as tribute to the Latvian youth, many born in Canada, who valued their Latvian culture and identity.  Who participated in various protest actions in Canada and elsewhere to remind the free world of the brutal occupation of Latvia and other the other Baltic States, Estonia and Lithuania, by various protest actions.


Following are some of the protest actions in witch participated Latvian young people.  




At the III Congress of Latvian Scietists and Lettonia IV Congress in Riga 24 October,  2011 in four main events were stressed:v