Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Fredericton returns from Operation REASSURANCE

July 8, 2015

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA — Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Fredericton returned to its home port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, today, after a successful seven-month deployment in the Mediterranean Sea on Operation REASSURANCE, Canada’s contribution to NATO assurance measures which promotes security and stability in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in the face of continued aggression by the Putin regime. 

Quick Facts

  • HMCS Fredericton and its helicopter air detachment were tasked to patrol the Mediterranean and Black Seas and monitor shipping to help detect, deter, and protect against terrorist activity as part of Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2).
  • Throughout the deployment, HMCS Fredericton operated with 121 different ships, including 21 different NATO Navies, and was the flagship of SNMG2 for 16 days. The ship also visited 23 different ports in 16 different partner countries, including 13 NATO Nations.
  • Since deploying in January, the ship travelled more than 32 500 nautical miles in the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the North Sea. The ship’s helicopter detachment flew over 160 sorties totaling more than ¬¬¬410 flying hours.
  • HMCS Fredericton participated in various joint NATO training exercises as part of its Operation REASSURANCE deployment including Exercises JOINT WARRIOR, DYNAMIC MONGOOSE, and BALTOPS.
  • While operating in the Black Sea, HMCS Fredericton participated in joint NATO training exercises and maritime situational awareness operations. SNMG2 warships also conducted exercises with the Turkish, Bulgarian, and Romanian navies.
  • These exercises enhance Canada’s operational readiness and interoperability with our NATO allies and security partners, as well as strengthen NATO’s collective capability to respond in a timely and effective manner to a variety of operational contingencies in Central and Eastern Europe and around the world.
  • HMCS Fredericton was the first modernized frigate to deploy in support of Government of Canada objectives. The Halifax-class modernization/frigate equipment life extension (HCM/FELEX) includes a new Combat Management System, new radar capability, new electronic warfare system, upgraded communications and missiles, as well as a new Integrated Platform Management System.
  • The Royal Canadian Navy has acted on behalf of the Canadian Government and its peoples by committing sailors and ships to NATO assurance measures by deploying HMC Ships Regina, Toronto, Fredericton and, most recently, HMCS Winnipeg to NATO Standing Maritime Forces as part of NATO assurance measures.

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