Fundraising Letter 2019

February 8, 2019


Latvians worldwide commemorated and celebrated the Republic of Latvia’s 100th anniversary on November 18, 2018.  The LNFC Educational and Cultural Foundation is inviting you continue joining in this celebration by participating in this year’s fundraising drive called “My gift to Latvia”.  As we enter the next 100 years, we urge you to continue your support of the LNFC Educational and Cultural Foundation. By keeping the donations in Canada, we are able to keep alive our language (one of the oldest ‘living’ languages in the world) and culture here in Canada.

For your information, in 2018 the Educational Cultural Foundation (ECF) of the Latvian Federation in Canada (LNFC) distributed funds in the amount of $63,485 supporting Latvian schools, seminars, scholarships for university students and summer educational programs, concerts, research on the history of Latvians and Latvian artists in Canada, the Latvian Song and Dance Festival in Canada, the ongoing work of the LNFC and a variety of other cultural projects and events. Without your donations, this support would not have been possible.

Many thanks to the generous donors who have supported ECF’s important work in the past. If you value what has been accomplished by the ECF, please support us now.  Also, the good works of our benefactors can continue long after they themselves are no longer with us by a testamentary donation to the LNFC Educational and Cultural Foundation. 


You may donate by either going to our web site or fill out the form below and send it together with your cheque to the LNFC office. All donations will receive a charitable donation receipt.



Elizabete (Elita) Petersons                                                       

President                                 .