Commemoration of the Tragedy of the Baltic Nations

June 14, 2015


As a result of the Hitler-Stalin Pact, the alliance between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, the Baltic States were invaded by Russian armed forces in 1940. During the first occupation, the Year of Terror, 1940 -1941, tens of thousands of all age groups, from elderly to infants were arrested, tortured, or murdered. Many of those, sent in cattle cars to the Siberian Gulag, did not survive the trip or deprivations of the concentration camps.

This year, Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians mark the 74th anniversary of this tragedy.

Those who know their history, see a direct comparison to the war being waged against Ukraine. While Ukraine’s sovereign territory has been attacked and occupied, threats of aggression against the Baltics, Poland and other parts of Europe are increasing.

Join in commemorating the sufferings of so many by attending the service to be held on:

June 14, 2015


Lithuanian Church


Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ Parish

1 Resurrection Road  Toronto  Ontario  M9A 5G1