Canadian troops participate in mountain operation training in Poland

April 2, 2015

TRZCLANIEC, POLAND —The 3rd Battalion of The Royal Canadian Regiment (3 RCR) based in Petawawa, Ontario, is participating in Exercise MOUNTAIN WARRIOR in Trzclaniec,Poland, throughout the month of April.
Approximately 35 soldiers from The 3 RCR are joining with our Polish NATO ally to further train and develop their mountaineering experience and skills. Exercise MOUNTAIN WARRIOR promotes interoperability, collective training and operational proficiency.

Quick Facts
• Ex MOUNTAIN WARRIOR is an annual mountain exercise conducted by Poland’s 25th Air Cavalry Brigade Reconnaissance Company. The group regularly operates in mountainous, high altitude, cold weather environments. This year’s exercise includes the tactical element of live fire, airmobile insertions and survival scenarios thus adding complexity to an already demanding environment.

• This training will prepare Canadian troops for operations in mountainous regions at high altitudes in extreme weather conditions. Each participating soldier will traverse steep mountain passes carrying 25 kilograms of cold weather kit used for survival during extended periods of time in the mountains.

• Since May 2014, the Land Task Force element in Europe has participated in a number of exercises and partnership engagements in Poland, Germany, Lithuania and Latvia by rotating company sized groups into Central and Eastern Europe.