Calls for a graphic designer to redesign the LNAK logo and to help with the new LNAK website

June 11, 2023

LNAK logoThe Latvian National Federation in Canada is looking for proposals to create a new contemporary logo as well as to create a new website design. The website is being updated and expanded to be a destination for not just LNAK news, but also for a Canada-wide community events calendar, information on Latvian Canadian organizations and businesses, and opportunities in Latvia.

Graphic designers may apply to create the new logo, the website/e-mail newsletter redesign, or both. We ask that you submit your proposal along with a description of your experience, some samples of your previous work, and your estimate to do the work. Please send your proposal to with a cc. to We recognize that we cannot expect this work to be done on a volunteer basis; at the same time we will appreciate any courtesy discounts or volunteer hours that you can provide.

We would be happy to receive your proposal by June 30, 2023, but will consider proposals as they come in. Work on the logo and website would take place during the summer with completion by early fall.


We are looking for an updated logo that is:
- streamlined and modern
- works in both Latvian and English
- works in colour or black and white

with varations that are appropriate for:
- the new website header
- e-mail newsletter header
- social media
- print ads (both B/W and colour)
- letterhead (both B/W and colour)
- business cards


The new Wordpress-based website is currently under development, with programming by Arni Mikelsons and his team at Northern Village of Guelph, Ontario.

In addition to LNAK news and basic LNAK information, the website will have sections on:
- Latvian Canadian organizations, where each organization will have the ability to add and update their own basic information, and add news articles, announcements, events etc.
- a directory of Latvian Canadian professionals and businesses (eg. doctors, contractors, etc.)
- information on doing business with Latvia
- information on opportunities in Latvia
- a calendar of events, with the ability for users to submit events for the calendar

The home page will contain the latest articles in specific designated categories (eg. culture, education), as well as an excerpt of the calendar. There will be a couple of mini-sections for fun content (eg. Latvian Wordle) and one for children.

The initial technical website design is complete and functional.
For the calendar, we are using Tockify.
Multilingual (Latvian and English) capability is provided by the wmpl plug-in.
We have implemented a plug-in called “Toolset” to:
- allow organizations and individuals to add their information and articles using online fill-in forms
- provide a standard format for organization/individual basic information

If you would like to see what has been done so far, please send us an email at and we can send you some screen shots. Our objective is to work with a graphic designer to develop the website further, to ensure that it is appealing, attractive, modern and easy to navigate.

Working together with LNAK and Northern Village, we envision that tasks would include:
- ensuring a “wow” home page that keeps users coming back to the site
- creating clean header and footer layouts for easy navigation of the website
- optimizing the home page article layout, including image standards, fades, etc.
- creating a standard format for organization and professional/business basic info (Toolset)
- determining standard fonts, font sizes and colours
- creating attractive layouts for a number of static pages such as LNAK leadership, LNAK statutes etc.

E-mail newsletter

About a year ago, we started sending out LNAK e-mail newsletters using Mailchimp. Mailchimp has been easy to use. Still we would really appreciate some professional help and guidance in making the newsletters look better. A new header is probably the first step. We are also hoping for suggestions on formatting, whether that be choosing a new tool or setting some guidelines (fonts, colors etc.) to provide a more cohesive, professional appearance consistent with the website and new logo. Presenting information in both Latvian and English is an additional design challenge.

If you would like to discuss this further before your submitting your proposal, please contact Ingrīda Zemīte at to set a time to discuss this on the phone or via Zoom.  A subcommittee of the LNAK executive will evaluate proposals and choose which designer to work with.

We thank the Society Integration Foundation of Latvia for their financial support of this project.

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