The Latvian National Federation in Canada is a non-profit, charitable, organization representing Latvians living in Canada.

Goals of LNAK

  1. To represent, support and serve those of Latvian descent or affiliation in Canada;
  2. To support and promote the wellbeing of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with universal democratic principles;
  3. To promote the dissemination of accurate and relevant information about Latvia, its people and culture;To promote active cooperation and dialogue between Latvia and Canada;
  4. To provide financial support for promoting Latvian culture directly and through like minded organizations;
  5. To promote the spiritual, societal, material and cultural well-being of those of Latvian descent or affiliation in Canada;
  6. To support and promote co-operation among Latvian organizations in Canada and organizations in other countries.

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Fundraising Letter 2019

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4 Credit Union Drive Toronto, Ontario M4A 2N8
tel.: 416-755-2353