World Federation of Free Latvians

he World Federation of Free Latvians (PBLA) is the central umbrella organisation for overseas federations of Latvian organisations, representing these organisations at the highest level.

The constituent members of the PBLA are: the American Latvian Association, the South American and Caribbean Latvian Association, the European Latvian Association, the Russian Latvian Congress, the Latvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand, and the Latvian National Federation in Canada.

The main mission of the PBLA is to unite Latvians in continuing to strengthen Latvia’s independence and promote Latvia’s development in democratic, cultural and economic spheres; to promote active, organised, influential and vital Latvian communities overseas; and to promote the unity of Latvians worldwide.

The activities of the PBLA are financed by voluntary contributions from overseas Latvians to the Latvian Freedom Fund, and World Federation of Free Latvians subsidiary organisation funds.

An Educational Council, working under the auspices of the PBLA, was established in 1976 with the aim of promoting and coordinating Latvian education outside of Latvia. This is as part of the PBLA Cultural Fund, formed in 1972, with the aim of supporting the preservation and development of Latvian culture, including Latvian educational activities, in overseas Latvian communities.

The PBLA central office is in the U.S.A., but since 1991, representation operates in Riga.

PBLA website (in Latvian)