About LNAK

Latvians started emigrating to Canada in the early part of the 1900s, and settled in many urban centres. They started founding different Latvian Centres and Churches, as they wanted to keep their culture alive. After some time, people felt that these organizations should work together more and the Latvian National Federation in Canada (LNFC) was born. Konrāds Dobelis from Edmonton and Mariss Vētra from Halifax were key to its founding.

Dobelis arrived in Canada in 1927, and as new immigrants were coming as a result of the Second World War, he began an immigrant organization in Edmonton called IMANTA in 1947.

In 1947 and 1948 additional "Latvian Centres" were also created in Toronto, Montreal, London, Hamilton and Winnipeg.

Vētra, a soloist from the Latvian National Opera arrived in Halifax in 1947 from Sweden and started helping new immigrants to sort out their practical living problems.

It was Konrāds Dobelis' intiative on September 25, 1948 that brought together 12 people from various Latvian Centres to form the Canadian Latvian National Federation with Konrāds as the Chair.

The goal of the new Federation was to help with the care of Latvian immigrants and to keep the goal of regaining Latvia's independance alive. On May 6, 1950, it joined with the Latvian Relief Associaton to form a joint organization called the Latvian National Federation in Canada. J. Preisbergs was voted in as the new Chair.