I am proud and supportive of the actions that the Canadian government has taken in support of the democratic movement in Ukraine, specifically the condemnation of Russian aggression in the Ukraine, the visit of John Baird and our government delegation to Ukraine, the support and recognition of the legitimacy of the government of Ukraine, the recalling of the Canadian ambassador to Russia, and pulling out of the G8.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is deplorable and must be stopped. They are invading a sovereign country. They are contravening their agreement of 1994. They have no shame in employing soldiers without identification, no shame in falsely claiming that their Russian citizens are at risk, no shame in cutting off communications, and no shame in spinning their own story. They have no qualms about thumbing their noses to the rest of the world.

Russia is a threat to peace in Europe and thereby a threat to the rest of the world. I hope that our government cannot be duped by Russian propaganda. So far Canada has shown that it understands what is going on. Russia must be stopped. We live in an era of “political correctness” and “anti-war”, which is all fine and well, but that should not allow us to turn a blind eye to the hardships that Ukrainians are facing as they bravely strive to establish a democracy free of oligarch thieves.

There are further actions that Canada should take:

  • maintain      a Canadian presence in Ukraine to support the government and monitor the      situation
  • provide      Canadian peacekeeping forces to protect the citizens of Ukraine against      aggression
  • Russia’s      leadership should face personalized sanctions
  • Russia      should face economic isolation
  • Canada      should encourage its partners such as the USA and EU to also provide      peacekeeping forces and put in place sanctions against Russia

Thank-you once again for Canada’s firm stand on Ukraine.

We would appreciate an email response outlining your position regarding the situation in Ukraine.


Ingrid and Jon Zemitis

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